Logo der Flairhotels mit dem Untertitel In den Regionen zuhause

Welcome to the Flair Hotels!


We stand for authentic regional hospitality and are delighted when you visit the places and landscapes where we are at home.

Relaxed Hospitality in Marvellous Regions

Look forward to individual hotels that are as different as the regions in which they are located. The regional flair is what makes our hotels special. It is reflected in the furnishing and architecture, you can taste it in typical dishes and hear it in accents and inflections of the language: Each of our hotels is unique.


But first and foremost, the regional specialities can be tasted in our cuisine. The morning plays a major role in this context. Our Flair breakfast is a statement of our philosophy: The very best ingredients - fresh and regional - make for a perfect start for your day.

Active Holiday-Makers Welcome

Guests who enjoy being active find everything to their heart's content while staying in our Flair Hotels, and so do spa guests, business travellers, gourmets, families.... Discover our Flair Hotels with all five senses live on-site.


Want to Learn More about the Flair Hotels?

Please visit our Website for more information about the Flair Partnership Alliance, all Flair Hotels, our loyality point collecting program 'FlairWertCard', the Flair Hotels App and further special offers for your next holiday.