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Beyond Meersburg

Upon request, we will put you in contact with experienced tour guides for the Lake Constance region and the alpine foothills. Don't hesitate to contact us on +49 (0) 7532 45000!

For Guests Only

Our guests have the opportunity to book a special guided tour of Meersburg (only in German!) with a tour guide who is a real Meersburg native: We promise that you will learn very interesting facts about the history of our "Hotel zum Schiff" and the town of Meersburg. For more information see  (Link zu pdf F├╝hrungen)

Discover Meersburg

There's lots to see and discover in Meersburg and the border quadrangle around Lake Constance. Learn more about the area and its people! Did you know how Lake Constance was formed? Or what x has got to do with y?